Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Can non-Koreans wear hanbok?

LEEHWA WEDDING's mission is to make hanbok accessible to everyone of all backgrounds regardless of being Korean descent or not. LEEHWA helps Koreans reconnect back to their roots, while helping non-Koreans get in touch with Korean culture. We genuinely appreciate our customers’ and clients’ desire to learn about Korean culture, and we are extremely honored that we can offer the experience for both Koreans and non-Koreans. Please do keep in mind that hanbok is not a costume or a caricature, but we are open to your enthusiasm and excitement to have a taste of Korea’s rich culture through our business (traditional hanbok, modern hanbok, and casual hanbok-inspired pieces).

How long will my custom hanbok order take?

For all Korean hanbok custom orders, the approximate time it takes is 2 - 3 months.

Rental Questions

Which products can I rent?

LEEHWA WEDDING products are available to rent! HOUSE OF LEEHWA products are not available for rent.

How do I rent?

To rent, clients comply with the following policy:

When renting, clients will still pay the full product price taking into account ongoing sales at the time of purchase. However, any payment exceeding half of the original price of the product will be considered insurance safety deposit in case of damages or loss of product. Upon safe return of the rented item, that deposit will be refunded, and clients will have paid half the original price in order to rent the desired product. When products are rented, insurance safety deposit and refund is calculated based on the original price of the item regardless of ongoing sales.

When should I pick up my rental items? 

All rentals must be picked up 2 days before the event date.

How long is the rental period? 

The rental period includes the 2 days before the event and the event date. ALL rentals must be returned the day following the event date (with the exception of Saturday events, since we are closed on Sundays).

What if I return my rental late? 

Rentals must be shipped back on the specified date of return with the tracking number emailed to us ON THAT SAME DAY. If you fail to mail out on the return date, you will incur a $25 late fee per day that it is not returned. 

What is your cancellation policy for rentals? 

To cancel rental dresses that have already begun alterations is subject to forfeiture of payment and/or deposit. All deposits made for rental dresses are non-refundable. 

Is there a damage/loss penalty fee?  

Any rips, tears, holes, stains will incur a damage fee on a case by case basis. When the rental item is returned, there will be a thorough inspection to find damages that are beyond repair and/or if there are excessive dirt and other stains. Also, if the rental has missing pieces or is completely lost, the full retail value of the dress will be charged. The credit card used for the payment will be used for the replacement and damage fees. 

I am from out-of-town/out-of-state and can't visit your LA store. Can I still rent?

We currently do not offer rentals online. Our out-of-town/out-of-state clients usually request friends or family members to pickup and drop off the rentals to respect the rental period policy.


Do you offer Paebaek/Pyebaek rentals?

Yes! You can read about our packages in detail here: Paebaek Ceremony

What is a Paebaek Ceremony? What do you do during the Paebaek Ceremony?

We have a detailed article explaining and listing what the is done during the ceremony here: The Paebaek Tea Ceremony

Does your Premium Paebaek Package include coordinator or MC services?

No. Our Premium Paebaek Package does not include such services, but there will be a delivery person (to setup the table and props) and a helper (to help the bride and the groom change, and assist the bride during the bow).

So how will we know what to do during the Paebaek Ceremony without a coordinator?

We offer a print out copy that the emcee can read off of during the Paebaek Ceremony.

Can you sign "this" insurance form?

LEEHWA will not sign any insurance forms provided by the bride/groom, coordinators, venues, etc.

Shipping & Processing

How long will shipping take? 

Please expect up to 2 weeks of shipping & processing for all shipment orders. 

Do you ship internationally? 

We currently do not offer international shipping. We advise having a friend or family member help ship the order to you if you currently reside outside of the United States. 

Return and Exchange

Does LEEHWA allow returns or refunds?

Returns and refunds are not allowed, and all online purchases are final sale. 

Once production or alterations have begun, all orders become final sale. 

Shipping costs are also NOT refunded. 

This includes all children's products as well. If we have already started the order, any payments/deposits already made are subject to forfeiture on the part of the client.

If you cancel within 7 days of making the reservation, future wedding events may be fully refunded. After one week passes, 50% refund is still permitted for cancellation.

Can I exchange products for store credit? 

Exchanges for store credit will be observed on a case-by-case basis for all unworn items that have been unaltered within 30 days of purchase. Please email us if you have a case where you would like to make an exchange for store credit. 

Size Chart

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