The Photo Zone

LEEHWA's most affordable hanbok service created with our clients in mind.

Our Photo Zone is for LEEHWA fans who want to wear hanbok without the commitment of purchasing one. We also understand that renting hanbok can also be out of your budget (as is going abroad to South Korea to rent hanbok).

Leehwa Wedding welcomes you to wear our hanbok without the commitment and financial burden. Simply wear our hanbok for a short selfie session at an affordable price. Create and capture memorable moments right here in sunny Los Angeles!

Watch our Photo Zone promo video to get a preview of this amazing service!

Our Photo Zone package includes:

Hanbok rental (from our Photo Zone rental selection)

Hanbok accessories

Fabric backdrop


Smart phone tripod (with ring light)

Step 1:

Select your hanbok

Step 2:

Wear hanbok and accessories

+ simple hair styling for women

Step 3:

Selfie session!!

$100 per person for 30-minute selfie session

(+ 20-minute prep time)

The Photo Zone is for adult hanbok only

The Photo Zone is not available on Saturday's

Email to inquire and book the Photo Zone