Paebaek Ceremony with LEEHWA WEDDING

Paebaek Ceremony with LEEHWA WEDDING

  • Out-of-state clients
  • Pick up & Delivery
  • Time schedule
  • Inner hanbok


LEEHWA has three different Paebaek Ceremony sets available for rent (the Basic Set, the Choice Set, and the Premium Set).

❗️ Paebaek rentals are limited and are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Contacting us with your date and venue is insufficient for putting the date on hold. Book online or in-person to secure your Paebaek Set.


Prior to booking...

Send us an email with the following information to check availability:

  1. Paebaek date
  2. Paebaek start time (Premium Set ONLY)
  3. Paebaek venue address (Premium Set ONLY)

Please read: Out-of-state clients
Our rental services are currently not available out-of-state. We currently do not ship Paebaek Sets and hanbok for rental. BUT we have had out-of-state Paebaek clients pick up and return the Paebaek Set and hanbok to and from our Los Angeles store within the rental period.

Please read: Out-of-town clients
LEEHWA offers Paebaek rental service to some cities outside of Los Angeles County, but email us to make sure we can offer Premium Set (Delivery option) to your venue. If the venue exceeds 7-mi. radius from our store's location, extra delivery charge is applied.


Paebaek rental logistics

Pick up vs. Delivery

📢 (Select Local Pick up option at checkout when booking online.)

The Basic Set and the Choice Set require in-store pick up. 

The Premium Set includes delivery service (plus an additional travel fee depending on the location). It would be best if clients include the venue's name and address when inquiring about our Premium Paebaek services. If the venue hasn't been decided yet, the name of the city will let us know if we can provide service to that area at that date and time.


🚘 Can the *large* items fit in my car? (BASIC & CHOICE SET ONLY)

The Paebaek Sets include 3 large items: (A) a decorative background panel screen, (B) a large wooden table, and (C) a bamboo mat. The dimensions can be found on our Paebaek information page. There will be no discounts for removing these large items or any items from the set package.


⏰ How much time do I set aside for the Paebaek Ceremony?

The Paebaek Ceremony typically takes 30 to 40 minutes. The length of the Ceremony is dependent on how many family members the bride and groom will bow to. The more family members involved, the more time needs to be set aside. (You can read more about the bowing portion here: The Paebaek Tea Ceremony)

For Premium Set clients: The bride and groom will start changing into the Paebaek clothing 30 minutes before the Paebaek start time.


👫🏻 Delivery man and Helper woman & Time schedule (PREMIUM SET ONLY)

The Premium Set will be delivered by a delivery man and a helper woman. They will arrive 1 hour before the Paebaek start time.

The delivery man will start setting up for the Paebaek Ceremony 1 hour before the Paebaek Ceremony. Setup time is 30 minutes.

The helper woman will start helping the bride and groom change 30 minutes before the Paebaek start time. Changing into Paebaek clothes will take around 20-30 minutes.

Breaking down the Paebaek setup will take approximately 30-40 minutes (depending on the venue), and will happen as soon as the Paebaek Ceremony is over.

🚫 The helper woman is NOT an emcee. Her job is to get the bride and the groom changed into the Paebaek clothing and help the bride bow.


Different Paebaek clothes (PREMIUM SET ONLY)

The men's Paebaek clothing will be different from the Premium Set versus the Basic and the Choice Sets. The men's Paebaek clothing for the Premium Set is the royal king style. The men's Paebaek clothing for the Basic and Choice set is the regular style. The photos of the different styles can be found on our Paebaek page.


So what happens after you book your service online?

Email us with your order number along with the following information:

  1. Paebaek date
  2. Paebaek start time (Premium Set ONLY)
  3. Paebaek venue address (Premium Set ONLY)
  4. 1 to 2 family members' contact numbers (preferably someone who speaks Korean) (Premium Set ONLY)
  5. And let us know if you need to rent/purchase/custom the inner hanbok.


Inner hanbok rental

The Paebaek clothing is an outer robe that is worn over "regular" hanbok. The bride must wear inner hanbok underneath the Paebaek clothing. The groom can choose to wear hanbok or tuxedo underneath the Paebaek clothing.

The inner hanbok can be picked up 2 days before the event date, and returned the day after the event (as per our standard rental policy).

For Premium Set clients, there are two options:
(1) Pick up and drop off following the standard rental policy.
(2) The helper woman can bring the rental hanbok to the wedding and take it back with her after the Paebaek Ceremony is over. There will be no hassle to stop by our LA store twice to pick up and to drop off the hanbok.


Ready to book? Got more questions?

Questions? Check out our FAQ first!

Send us an email with your Paebaek date, time, and location to to check our availability.

Once we confirm availability, you can book the package online!

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