Korean Tradition: Bojagi

Korean Tradition: Bojagi

Bojagi (보자기)

Have you ever heard of bojagi? Bojagi is a tradition of wrapping objects in cloth that has been passed down throughout Korean history for centuries. Throughout history, bojagi have been used for both everyday purposes (food coverings, knapsacks, and storage) and ceremonial purposes (weddings, gift wrapping, etc.). Today, bojagi is even recognized as its own art in Korea.

While saekdong originated from Korean womens' designs, bojagi originates from the leftover fabric that would remain after cutting and sewing the cloths. Resulting bojagi could be sent with daughters married off as a symbol of the families always remaining sewn together, though from different cloths.

Leehwa Wedding offers various wrapping designs such as Bojagi Design 1, Bojagi Design 2, Bojagi Design 3, and Bojagi Design 4, alongside bojagi for money envelopes and bojagi-wrapped orchids--perfect for a cultural and graceful gift. We also do custom wrapping for any gift you can imagine, with prices varying by size and cloth desired--set up an appointment with us at hello@leehwawedding.com to inquire!

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