Korean Tradition: Saekdong

Korean Tradition: Saekdong

Saekdong (색동)

Have you ever noticed that children hanboks have colorful sleeves? The rainbow stripe pattern is called saekdong, which comes from a long history of sewing fabrics of different colors together to form designs in precolonial Korea.

The traditional Korean color spectrum called obangsaek (오방색) was used to make the saekdong sleeves. The second and third color theory versions of the obangsaek were used as well.

Saekdong in the present day represents children and youth, but saekdong inspired pieces are worn by all ages today.

Leehwa of course offers children hanboks (baekil, boy and girl dolboks) with saekdong designs, but we also have saekdong inspired pieces such as our saekdong clutch, hanbok maskssaekdong strip earringssaekdong scrunchies.



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