Nakji Norigae (Burgundy)
Nakji Norigae (Burgundy)
Nakji Norigae (Burgundy)

Nakji Norigae (Burgundy)

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Burgundy Nakji norigae featuring black jade pendants. Wear this norigae with your hanbok or use it as a decorative piece in your home.

⭐️ Product features:

  • Silk tassels
  • Jade pendant
  • Hand woven maedeup designs

⭐️ Box color is dependent on availability and will be sent randomly.

⭐️ Please note: Colors may vary due to the nature of the materials, photography lighting, and monitors. 

Norigae is the Korean term for a combination of decorative ornaments, intricate knots and silken tassels, a jewelry accessory that is worn by women with the traditional Korean formal attire, the hanbok. 

Nakji Norigae symbolizes a long, healthy life.