What's Hot: Squid Game (..but at Leehwa!)

What's Hot: Squid Game (..but at Leehwa!)

Netflix's Squid Game (오징어 게임) 

The Netflix hit Squid Game (오징어 게임) has become an international sensation- references to it have been found in everything ranging from TikTok trends all the way to Halloween costumes. You may have even watched the series yourself! (I most definitely have.) But what's more important is that YOU can bring home a bit of Squid Game.

Our team at Leehwa have brought to our boutique store two of the hottest activities that are featured in Squid Game: ddakji (딱지) and dalgona-making (달고나 만들기)

These activities make for a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends, or as competition to settle unresolved disputes (just kidding). So what's holding you back from participating in your own Squid Game

Hope you don't get eliminated! ;) 

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