What's Hot: Gift Set Deals!

What's Hot: Gift Set Deals!

In honor of Columbus Day (note the sarcasm), our team at Leehwa decided to amplify even more strongly the significance of the Korean culture. Because our core mission is to continue uplifting, empowering and supporting all members of our Koreatown community, we all thought that presenting a gift set deal to our clients would be a thoughtful way for individuals to hold closely to them meaningful pieces of Korean culture that can be incorporated into both their outerwear and accessory choices. 

The Gayasan (가야산) Gift Set includes our beloved Hanbok Mask, Hanbok Scrunchie and Daenggi Tie. This special set also comes in six different styles that you can choose from: Pink Stripe, Terra Cotta, Korean Saekdong, Caramel Satin, Pink Rose Satin and Black Satin. From these color choices, our clients (especially the person reading this article) have such a wide array of aesthetics to make their pick from! 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Gift Set page to find the deal that is your calling! (And to also.. ;).. out-fashion your friends and family..)

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