Traditional Korean Gifts as Valentine's Day Gifts

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Let's reimagine Valentine's Day this year, but add a traditional Korean twist!

Ducks. We call them wedding ducks, because they symbolize monogamy and fidelity. BUT...It isn't reserved for just weddings anymore! It's a gift and a gesture showing your significant other that you are committed to them. You can gift your lover a pair of wedding ducks to show that you only have eyes for them!
Norigae is traditionally a symbol of status, but men would also show their affection to their lovers by gifting a norigae. Gifting norigae is commonly seen in Korean historical dramas!
In modern day, both women and men wear norigae. LEEHWA offers norigae in different colors and designs, so they're perfect for matching and creating couple looks!
Daenggi hair accessories are a subtle way to add Korean touch to your look. Korean men would traditionally also gift daenggi to women they are courting. Parents and friends can also gift daenggi.
In modern day, gifting a daenggi to your lover doesn't necessary mean courting. It's the similar as gifting simple accessories or more grandiose jewelry. The meaning of the gift is dependent on the gift giver!
We love seeing that more and more people are interested in learning about Korean culture, and that we are able to provide resources to learn and connect with Korean culture. How will you be incorporating Korean gifts to your Valentine's this year?

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