LEEHWA Streetwear: Dragon Emblem Shirt

LEEHWA Streetwear: Dragon Emblem Shirt

Dragon Emblem Shirt

We all love a good crash course on Korean history every now and then, but it's time to switch things up a bit. ;)

At Leehwa: Hanboks of all kinds? Check. Bridal dresses? Check. Korean-inspired accessories? Also check. Accessories for your pets? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! But what we don't want you to forget about is how our designers handcraft not only all of the above but as well as one of our most poppin' products: the Dragon Emblem Shirt. 

One of our goals at Leehwa is to continue the traditional legacy of Korea through the handcrafting of our original products, and the Dragon Emblem Shirt grew to become one of them. Currently available in White, Black, Pink and Gray, this shirt can become one of your fashion statement items. This shirt will (quite literally) glam up your look with the perfect mixture of Korean pride and the trendy 21st-century streetwear feel! On top of that, these handstitched shirts are made entirely out of 100% cotton, DROOL (unmatchable quality? Check). 

Visit our website to order yours today- you won't have any regrets. 

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