Paebaek Korean Wedding Service in Los Angeles

Paebaek Korean Wedding Service in Los Angeles

Traditional Korean weddings are lengthy consisting of proper bride and groom party visitations, official gift giving ceremonies, tea ceremonies, and more! It's a very long process from beginning to end, but the Paebaek ceremony has been gaining popularity as a fun addition to modern Westernized weddings.

Paebaek is a ceremony steeped in Korean tradition where the groom’s family formally accepts the bride into their home. It symbolizes the bride's paying respects to the groom’s family. It is a private ceremony closed to the public.

Today, Paebaek is a fun ceremony that the brides' and the grooms' families take part in. Some couples like to incorporate it into their reception to have guests involved as spectators of this fun ceremony.

LEEHWA WEDDING––a bridal shop located in Koreatown Los Angeles––offers an all-inclusive package allowing couples to share this special opportunity to celebrate the union of families and cultures with family and friends.

LEEHWA WEDDING has four different Paebaek packages that their clients can choose from: Basic, Choice, Premium, and Luxury. We outlined the differences of the different packages offered:

Basic Choice Premium Luxury
Total Paebaek Package
Pick up / Delivery Pick up Pick up Delivery Delivery
Food Towers Fake food Real food

Fake food *

(*) Can substitute for Real food with additional fee

Fake food *

(*) Can substitute for Real food with additional fee
Regular version
Regular version
Groom: Royal king style

Bride & Groom: Luxury versions

Decorative Background Panel Regular version Regular version Regular version

Luxury version


The packages are customizable, so make sure to let the owner know if you have any changes you want to add!

Some Paebaek clients choose to wear just hanbok for the Paebaek Ceremony. There are also clients who only rent the Paebaek outfits and prepare the table setting and props themselves. A memorable client was a couple with two grooms who wanted to customize the Paebaek ceremony to fit their wedding theme.

Check out the main Paebaek service page for the most up to date prices and service offerings!

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