Modern Wedding Hanbok for Everyone

Modern Wedding Hanbok for Everyone

With over 30 years of experience, LEEHWA WEDDING has been serving customers across the United States and South Korea. LEEHWA is at the forefront of innovation and fusion of hanbok designs and Western fashion.

LEEHWA's hanbok do not discriminate and we believe our bridal hanbok is for everyone regardless of race, sexuality, religion, etc. We are open to servicing clients who love Korean tradition and hanbok.

We're here to introduce our modernized bridal hanbok concepts. Aside from wearing conventional hanbok, brides can also wear modernized hanbok and Korean-Western fusion hanbok.


1. Elegant Wrap Style (budget friendly, size friendly)

The first style we are introducing today, is the most popular amongst our clients who are searching for simple, elegant, and cost-effective bridal hanbok. The wrap style is also very forgiving on the waistline and bust.


2. Minimal Wrap Style (budget friendly, size friendly)

The second style is similar to the first wrap style, but it's more hanbok meets Boho. It's a lightweight, minimal design with no bells and whistles. Its silk material speaks for itself and is a lovely piece for brides who want to highlight other aspects of their look.


3. Korean + Western fusion (various options and price points)

The third style is Korean and Western fusion. Adding a hanbok top or outerwear to Western wedding gowns is for brides searching for a fun and unique bridal concept. Brides can also add Western styled veils and hair pieces to bridal hanbok dresses.


Has this article sparked any inspirations? Let us know your vision and we can discuss how we can bring it to life. Send us an email at !

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