Maternity shoots wearing modern Hanbok

Maternity shoots wearing modern Hanbok

Taking photos of your baby bump is an intimate time between you, your baby, and the photographer.

It has become an undeniable trend that Korean brides and brides who marry into Korean families are incorporating Korean traditions and hanbok into their wedding ceremonies. The same brides are starting incorporate Korean elements early on into their babies' lives (and even before they are born): Maternity shoots, Baenaet jeogori at birth, 100 Day ceremonies, First birthday Dol celebrations, and so forth.


LEEHWA is a company recognized for quality handmade hanbok offered at accessible price points, but did you know that LEEHWA has also made a name for itself by coining the term, "Everyday Hanbok" nearly a decade ago?

Our clients are starting to reach out to us to wear casual Everyday Hanbok for their maternity shoots! It's a unique way to show off your baby bump and Korean heritage. Below are a couple looks for inspiration!


1. Hanbok crop top and cotton hanbok pants

The mother is wearing a black color themed hanbok outfit for a edgy take on traditional colorful hanbok. The father and the son are wearing hanbok in colors that compliment the flowers on the crop top! This type of Everyday Hanbok outfit will surely show off the bump in a bold manner!


2. Sheer organza robe

HOUSE OF LEEHWA's Sheer Organza Robe creates an effortless minimal look with an elegant touch. The black robe paired with a fitted black dress accentuates the body's silhouette showing off the bump!


LEEHWA creates a wide variety of modernized Everyday Hanbok, so check out the entire collection and build a hanbok look that is unique to you and your baby bump!

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