Hanbok Shopping In-store vs. Online with LEEHWA WEDDING

Hanbok Shopping In-store vs. Online with LEEHWA WEDDING

LEEHWA WEDDING is one of the few stores in the United States that offers both in-store and online hanbok shopping options! The authenticity and high quality hanbok at affordable prices are hard to beat. It's no wonder why customers travel to the Los Angeles storefront from Hawaii, New York, and even European countries!

So you have the option to choose to visit the storefront or to purchase online. Let's iron out the different aspect of each option.

In-store hanbok shopping:

  • Has options that are not available online
  • No shipping cost
  • Hanbok alteration to customers' size
  • Can see the hanbok quality in-person

Online hanbok shopping:

  • Can shop in the convenience of your own home
  • More options online (samples not available in-store)
  • Easy and simple standardized sizing
  • No stress of choosing top and bottom combinations (the option is available though!)


So which shopping experience would you choose: In-store or online? Love to hear your thoughts!


For in-store hanbok shopping, email hello@leehwaweding.com or call 213-252-0022 to book an appointment!

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