LEEHWA Streetwear: Saekdong Sash Belt

LEEHWA Streetwear: Saekdong Sash Belt

Saekdong Sash Belt (색동 허리띠)

All of the holiday festivities and celebrations are right around the corner--what better way to prepare your party wardrobe than with LEEHWA's Saekdong Sash Belt? Super fashionable AND convenient, this LEEHWA fan-favorite is a great way to brag to friends and family.

We've recently restocked on our sash belt due to such high demand, which you can access right here! Every belt is carefully sewn and put together with polyester-blend--you can pair these fashionably colorful belts with clothing that range from oversized clothes all the way to dresses (any combo works, wink wink). 

Don't hesitate and get your own LEEHWA Saekdong Sash Belt today! Our other specially designed accessories can be found here. Any questions can be addressed by emailing hello@leehwawedding.com

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