LEEHWA Streetwear: Modern Jeogori Jacket

LEEHWA Streetwear: Modern Jeogori Jacket

Modern Jeogori Jacket

YO! At Leehwa, what do you get when you combine a jeogori (저고리) with an overfitted, cropped streetwear jacket? 

Our Modern Jeogori Jacket.

The style of this product that our team created was inspired by the traditional outerwear look of jeogori, the upper garment of a hanbok (한복). The traditional Korean fashion aesthetic is seamlessly woven into the overall look of the jacket, so you can easily incorporate it into your everyday look!  

The Modern Jeogori Jacket is available to purchase on our website in five different styles: Houndstooth, Black, Glass Garden, Marble Floral and Porcelain Bloom. Buy yours today~ ;) 

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