Leehwa Norigae

Leehwa Norigae

When you walk into Leehwa Wedding & Traditional Korean Dress, there’s a norigae dangling from almost every corner—attached to hanbok, hanging from displays, long threads intermingling and adding a splash of color almost wherever one looks.

Literally translating to “plaything”, they fill the store alongside traditional wedding ceremony headdresses, wooden ducks, and, of course, hanboks, with a sense of play and celebration.

Norigae can express a wearer’s personality, become family heirlooms and bearers of blessings. They’re worn as hanbok accessories, keychains, and can even be tied to the belt loops of your jeans.

More than an item of the past, accessorizing with the norigae feels deeply personal and a way to connect with cultural meaning in ways that make sense for their wearer.

Our norigae collection can be found on our website under Accessories & Gifts today.

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