LEEHWA Baenaet Jeogori

LEEHWA Baenaet Jeogori

Baenaet Jeogori (배냇저고리)

On the day of his or her birth, an infant child wears the baenaet jeogori (배냇저고리) as part of Korean tradition. According to history, it is believed that the baenaet jeogori will grant the child with good warmth and hygiene--two qualities that guarantee long life longevity. People valued these traits because of how common it was for infants to pass away post-birth due to a lack in medical services. 

Baenaet jeogori is put together with natural, genuine materials: plain cotton or silk. For the colder seasons, however, wool was used. Despite the baenaet jeogori being worn by a child only once, it is kept in prime condition by its owner for good luck purposes. Some people actually take their baenaet jeogori with them on the day of major events such as a major school exam or job interview!

In fact, you can buy your baenaet jeogori at Leehwa! As always, our designers handcraft everything with care and make sure that each set of clothing is delivered to its recipient with love. Leehwa's baenaet jeogori set can be found here

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