Three jade rings from Leehwa Wedding & House of Leehwa mounted on a hand mirror with a string of pearls and peach colored hanbok skirt in the background

Korean Tradition: Jade Rings

Jade Ring (반지)

Any Korean jewelry enthusiast knows that jade is a large part of the culture and history. In Korean, jade is called ok, and can come in various cuts, shapes, and even designs with various engravings.

Ok is believed to have healing powers, warding off future illnesses and improving the health of the wearer. Originally accessible only to the upper class, ok has always been treasured and expensive, featured in royal crowns and jewelry.

As it has been continuously mined for, jade is currently extremely rare in Korea and has only become more valued and precious in modern times.

Leehwa now offers our selection of jade rings online, and are able to schedule appointments to view our collection via emails to Also featured in the above image background is our compact hanbok hand mirror and dolbok cap for baby girls. For more jade accessories, see our binyeo collection.

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