Korean Tradition: Geumbak

Korean Tradition: Geumbak

Geumbak (금박)

Many of our hanbok designs feature geumbak, the Korean traditional art of applying extremely thin gold leaf, most often to fabrics for hanbok as part of the design.

Geumbak has been a part of hanbok designs for centuries, often marking those of royal & aristocratic status during precolonial Korea.

Geumbak would often feature animals of Korean traditional belief such as yong (dragons) and phoenix (bonghwang) to convey specific meanings and connotations for the wearer.

Many designs currently available at Leehwa feature geumbak, including much of our bridal collection, from extensive use on the skirts to on the tops alone as used in much of our modern hanbok collection. Many of our hanbok masks also feature geumbak in various colors such as silver as well.

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