Korean Tradition: Baekilbok vs. Dolbok

Korean Tradition: Baekilbok vs. Dolbok

We often get questions here at Leehwa asking the difference between baekilbok (백일복) and dolbok (돌복).

Leehwa offers a plethora of not only boy dolbokgirl dolbok, and baekilbok for either, but beautiful dol accessories like baby shoesbaby norigae, and dol belts, all gorgeous ways to truly complete a traditional celebration look.

The primary difference would be sizing according to the ages they are intended for. Both baekilbok and dolbok are sized according to age, baekilbok being 3 months old sizing and dolbok being 1 year old sizing. Young babies' and childrens' hanbok is often sized according to age in this way.

Baekilbok literally translates to '100 days clothes', and was meant to be worn for the 100th day of life celebration, traditionally believed to signify that the baby would live to be 100 years old if the child wore a 100-line quilted clothing.

Many baekilbok now, however, are simply chosen according to the families' tastes, as it's the wishes for their child's longevity that truly lies at the heart of this celebration in Korean culture. Dolbok are intended for the celebration of a child's first birthday, similarly carrying wishes for the child's longevity and traditionally including offerings to the samshin, the three gods believed to watch over childhood, and doljabi, the biggest part of any doljanchi (literally 'dol party') where the child of honor will pick which object will signify their future career, blessing, etc.

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