Korean First Birthday Tradition: Dol Belt

Korean First Birthday Tradition: Dol Belt

Dol Belt (돌띠)

There are many variations and styles of dol belts today. Some dol belts are wide, some have embroidery, some are crocheted, and so forth. But all dol belts have a common feature: dol belts has five ornaments or charms across the front.

The five ornaments also come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, but they share the same meaning. The five ornaments symbolizes: rice, barley, (조) jo millet, bean, (기장) gijang millet.

 Grain Meaning English Meaning


Barley Wealth
Jo millet 강녕 Health and peace
Bean 유호덕 Benevolence and fortune
Gijang millet 고정명 Longevity (long healthy life and peaceful passing)


The dol belt was believed to bring all the good fortunes as listed in the table above. Even the wrapping of the dol belt across the waist symbolizes long life.

The dol belts' symbolisms are forgotten and are considered an optional accessory in modern dol celebrations.

Leehwa Wedding offers dol belts in different designs: (1) Ornate Tassel and (2) a wide selection of Doltti.

Aside: Dol, Doljanchi, Dohl, or Korean First Birthday celebration are all terminologies to denote the same thing.

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