Korean Fashion: Daenggi (댕기)

Korean Fashion: Daenggi (댕기)

Daenggi (댕기) 

During the Baekje (백제) era, Korean women styled their hair in many different ways. Societal standards abided by Confucianism values, which created the notion of how long hair was a gift that was bestowed upon a female by her parents. Hence, the daenggi (댕기) became one of the most popular accessories that were used to style long hair. 

The daenggi is made out of a ribbon-like satin fabric and was not only historically used to indicate one's marital status but as well as social status, occupation and age. Daenggis were used by females of all ages, ranging from young children all the way to elderly members of the royal family. 

Aside from its purpose, daenggis come in a wide variety of different colors and styles! Nowadays, you can wear a daenggi for any outing or purpose- styling your hair, creating a bag clutch, or even wearing it as a scarf. Since the daenggi is crafted out of such lightweight fabric, you can bring it with you... practically anywhere! 

Our team at Leehwa is determined to carry on this piece of significant Korean history at our boutique store, and is currently working on preparing its official release (at our website!). So, keep a close eye out- we've got lots of cute styles in the works! 

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