Korean Creation: Hand Embroidered Thimble Earrings

Korean Creation: Hand Embroidered Thimble Earrings

Thimble Earrings (골무 귀걸이)

In precolonial Korea, one of the largest pastimes and duties for families' women was designing and sewing together clothing for the family. Varying in color, size, and design from thumb to thumb, golmu were an integral part of life.

Dedicated to the culture and history, our hand-embroidered thimble earrings commemorate the tradition of female design that's been passed down through our own family as well. 

We also use genuine 925 sterling silver for our earrings hooks to ensure customers with sensitive ears are taken care of as well.

Our Hand Embroidered Thimble Earrings are available online as well as in-store, and are available to view through appointments which can be made via email to hello@leehwawedding.comFor more earrings straight from the culture see our earring collection, rings, bags, fans, & more. We are now selling our Korean Hand Embroidered Thimbles on their own as well for practical usage while sewing!

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