Korean Creation: Hanbok Scrunchie

Korean Creation: Hanbok Scrunchie

The Hanbok Scrunchie has joined our collection of unique and handmade products within our Accessories & Gifts collection, joining various hanbok fabric products at Leehwa like our popular Hanbok Masks.

Want a scrunchie more memorable for a special someone to remember you by? Just want to treat yourself to a hair tie upgrade? Know someone that would appreciate a scrunchie made from real Hanbok fabric? 

Our Hanbok Scrunchies are available for online purchase as well as available to view in-person at our physical store location.

Currently available in Saekdong, Pink Rose, Pink Stripe, & Black Hangul, our Hanbok Scrunchies are handmade in store by our team and feature some of our most popular fabrics making recurring appearances throughout our product options.

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