Pink hanbok mask set from Leehwa Wedding and House of Leehwa with bojagi bag

Korean Creation: Hanbok Masks

During the initial onset of the pandemic, we saw many of our neighboring businesses in Koreatown Los Angeles begin to shut down, and a large PPE shortage where our frontline and health care workers did not have the access they needed.

Hanbok masks allowed us to donate to local health care workers through the PPE shortage, as well as create a versatile and easy to incorporate cultural piece that offers greater protection than a medical mask alone as a beautiful second layer. With masks like our Hangul Mask, Saekdong Masks, and Dangcho Masks, many designs utilize ancient Korean cultural elements and traditions that carry deep meaning.

Offered in many different fabrics beloved by our community, Leehwa is continuing to make our Hanbok Masks available as we see masks have slowly become not just protection against COVID-19 and all the new strains continuing to surface, but a responsible practice to keep loved ones safer and healthier.

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