Korean Creation: Hanbok Earrings

Korean Creation: Hanbok Earrings

Hanbok Earrings (한복 귀걸이) 

The creation of the hanbok (한복) reaches far back into the 1st century B.C., particularly during the Goguryeo (고구려) Dynasty- one of the three historical periods of the "Three Kingdoms of Korea". Hanbok, in layman's terms, literally means "Korean clothing". It was and continues to be handmade with silk and cotton. 

In the past, the hanbok was a way for a person to indicate their social standing.  It was most commonly worn for formal occasions such as an individual's wedding or a seasonal tradition. Times have changed, however- the hanbok has become modernized and can be incorporated into any outfit style! 

Our specially crafted Hanbok Earrings come in a wide array of styles: Black & Green, Black & Blue, Navy & Blue and Sky & Forest. All of our earrings can be found on our website (along with our other accessories that are as equally special)- Come check them out! 

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