Korean Creation: Bokjumeoni

Korean Creation: Bokjumeoni

Aside from the richness of the many colors that the bokjumeoni (복주머니) comes in, its historical significance presents an even wider array of figurative rainbow. With its direct translation being "Lucky Pocket" or, as more commonly known, "Lucky Bag", the bokjumeoni is believed to bring fortune to its owner in the forms of happiness, wealth, nobility, and health. It was once a highly sought after gift for the first days of the Year of the Pig and Rat- it was custom for the bokjumeoni to be attached to a person's clothes, as good luck would ensue for the remainder of the wearer's year.

Leehwa Wedding & Hanbok provides the bokjumeoni in the colors of Navy, Pink, Blue, Orange and Yellow- every single bag is handcrafted with silk and cotton. Pair a bokjumeoni with either one of our carefully tailored hanboks or your everyday outfit as an accessory, and it'll undoubtedly add a bit of prosperity to your look!

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