Korean Accessory: Ornamental Brooch

Korean Accessory: Ornamental Brooch

Similarly to the binyeo (비녀) and jade ring (옥반지), ornamental brooches are a great way to subtly add a touch of elegance to an outfit. Whether it be for a simple family gathering or night out, the many different styles that ornamental brooches come in provide a wide array of endless options! Not only are these fashion accessories highly convenient but also effortlessly stylish. 

Check out our website to see the ornamental brooches that we carry! We individually sell brooches in the styles Ornamental and Handmade Hanbok (this one has 12 designs to choose from!), but small bundles in Mauve Flower and Blush Flower- these special deals include both a hair pin and brooch, all of which are crafted by our designers at Leehwa! 

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