Korean Accessory: Bridal Hair

Korean Accessory: Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair (신부 머리)

Often seen at weddings, Korean bridal hair can include various accessories and components that contribute to a final bridal look. Not only can one mix and match according to the bride's style choices, but accessories always come in various colors and designs to customize to the bridal look, whether it's in a modern wedding white or a traditional Korean wedding red.

Just from a first look, it appears that there are three pieces - a jokduri, the round accessory worn towards the front of the head, a larger piece of fabric that appears similar to a veil, and two panels of fabric adjacent to the hair.

However, those two panels are actually one long piece of fabric that lays on either side of the binyeo, a Korean hair pin that in cases of bridal hair must be extra long (much larger than normal) in order to support both sides of the fabric. With Leehwa, we stock limited Bridal Binyeo as our suggested binyeo option to pair with our Traditional Bridal Robe and Hair Fabrics we've uploaded to our site.

Other hair accessories like Jokduri in red, black, pink, and white complete any Korean bridal hair look for a regal elegance on any bride's royal day.

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