Hanbok Petticoat: A Necessity or An Accessory?

Hanbok Petticoat: A Necessity or An Accessory?


Hanbok dresses are a beautiful traditional clothes originating from Korea. It is clearly evident that hanbok has evolved over time, but there is more than meets the eye. The hanbok dress is not just a top and a skirt, and actually includes an underskirt that makes the skirt poofy and voluminous. LEEHWA has modernized the sokchima (underskirt) to create a hanbok specific petticoat.

So the question is: Are hanbok petticoats necessary if it's just to make the hanbok bell shaped?

We're not here to judge people who prefer modernization versus traditional, but here are some tidbits of information before you make your decision on how you want to wear your hanbok.


Functions of a hanbok petticoat:


Maintaining the shape of the chima skirt

Otherwise the skirt will be very flat and the excess fabric will bunch up.

A traditional characteristic of hanbok is volume, so the skirts have pleats to maximize this effect. Some clients are more interested in taking a "modern" approach to hanbok and do not want such a poofy skirt, but keep in mind that the skirt will look very flat. LEEHWA's petticoats can also be customized to be more or less voluminous.



Coverage of the lower abdomen and the legs

Hanbok fabric is sheer, hence the skirt is sheer.

The nature of hanbok fabric is sheer, so the skirt is made with more than a single layer. Even with more than one layer, the skirt is still sheer. A petticoat helps to cover the body and the legs, and make the colors of the skirt fabric stand out. 




Safety when walking

Like western hoop skirts and petticoats, hanbok petticoats are shorter than the actual skirt. This helps the wearer easily move in the hanbok dress without having to worry about the fabric sticking to their legs and tripping if stepped on.



Support the breasts

It's a binder that is part of the skirt and the petticoat!

Hanbok dresses are worn without brassieres because the skirt and the petticoat function as a binder for the breast. Having the hanbok petticoat is extra insurance for any accidental slippage too!



In conclusion, it's the wearer's choice to wear a petticoat or not. LEEHWA firmly believes that hanbok is interpreted differently by everyone! So whether you choose to wear an inner skirt petticoat or not is all up to the clients.


LEEHWA WEDDING crafts custom hanbok petticoats for clients to match the style of their hanbok dresses. Some styles include petticoats, but most don't, so there is the option to purchase Custom Petticoat separately. You can wear one petticoat under many different styles of hanbok, so this is LEEHWA's way of making hanbok purchases more accessible! ❤️

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