Hanbok fabric: Silk vs. Polyester

Hanbok fabric: Silk vs. Polyester

Now that you're set on getting a hanbok, does it matter if you choose silk or polyester?

In short: No, not really.


Here’s another opinion you may have come across if you’re caught up on the fabric a hanbok is made from: “Silk hanbok is higher quality and is the more luxurious hanbok option.

This statement is very much false.



Silk is a natural fiber that’s known for its high price tag, which directly affects the price of hanbok made from silk. This is especially true with hanbok made from silk imported from Korea, which is 100% silk. But there are other aspects to take into consideration when considering silk or polyester.


Quality. LEEHWA utilizes both high quality Korean silk and polyester. The polyester’s quality is comparable to the silk’s quality that the untrained eye will not be able to easily differentiate the fabrics.


The craftsmanship, labor, and design that goes in to a hanbok also affects the price. Our custom hanbok clients are shocked to hear that they can get a silk hanbok for a similar price as a polyester hanbok. It’s sounds like a steal, but on the opposing side, it might seem like a scam paying just as much for a polyester hanbok.

As stated earlier, the fabrics we use are very high quality. The experience and expertise LEEHWA has stems from generations prior, with the knowledge of fabrics being handed down. (Learn about LEEHWA's history here: Our Hanbok Story)

The craftsmanship at LEEHWA is what makes our hanbok so popular. Below are more characteristics of the two textiles to consider: 


Silk Hanbok
 Polyester Hanbok
Must dry clean
Can spot clean with water
Wrinkles easily
Wrinkles less

Delicate fabric

Stains easily from sweat, food, etc.

High quality, it looks and feels like Korean silk
Luxurious quality and feel

Myungju silk loses some color after being dry cleaned

Stains also become more apparent after dry cleaning (especially armpit area due to sweat)


We believe convenience is what you should go for when selecting your hanbok. Many dry cleaners do not accept silk hanbok and if they do, they require customers to sign forms acknowledging the fact that the hanbok may get damaged during the dry cleaning process.


LEEHWA WEDDING designs and crafts premium hanbok in Los Angeles, CA. We offer selections of 100% silk hanbok, polyester hanbok, and silk and polyester combination hanbok. Learn about our hanbok rental services here: 

You can purchase our premium handcrafted hanbok online or at our Los Angeles store. Email us at hello@leehwawedding.com to book your next hanbok appointment. 💕

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