Extend the lifecycle of your hanbok––Sustainability of Traditional Korean Dress

Extend the lifecycle of your hanbok––Sustainability of Traditional Korean Dress


Let's consider the sustainability and lifecycle of hanbok.

Hanbok is worn on special occasions like wedding dresses are, but the difference is that hanbok can be worn on more than one occasion.

We'll discuss common concerns starting from damage, use, and retiring your hanbok.


"My hanbok skirt has a tear! Do I have to toss it?"

No. Absolutely not! Bring it to LEEHWA and we will see if it can be repaired, reformed, or if it's unsalvageable. Hanbok are beautiful clothes and we understand how devastating it is when the clothes you love is damaged. Before disposing your hanbok, please considering bringing it in. It's a step towards creating less waste.


"What do I do with my bridal hanbok? It's too extravagant to wear again!"

Our new-mom clients wear their bridal hanbok for their children's 100 day or first birthday celebration. Wear it as is, or purchase a new top to change up the look.

Bridal hanbok can also be worn for photoshoots and ceremony of renewing vows. It's a beautiful moment to celebrate and relive the first wedding ceremony.


"What do I do with a dolbok after the first birthday party is over?"

You can save it for your next child if you are planning for it, or gift it to a relative or friend who is expecting.

If you are a crafter, some of our customers like to frame them or use shadowboxes to showcase their children's first birthday hanbok and accessories.


"I don't want to wear the same hanbok every year for Korean Thanksgiving and Lunar New Year!"

You don't have to purchase a new hanbok set every year. Either purchase a singular top or skirt that matches the hanbok you have on hand.

You can even get your top's ribbon color changed at LEEHWA WEDDING. The ribbon color will change the vibe of the hanbok.


"I am ready to retire my hanbok from my closet."

There are two main routes to go from here. Either (1) sell it or gift it, or (2) donate it. Reach out to your local cultural center to see if they are accepting hanbok donations. If not, try to see if anyone around you will need a hanbok. Selling your gently used hanbok is an option too.


We encourage extending the life of your hanbok whether it be by wearing it again or having others continue to wear it. Or considering it an art piece to display.


It’s why we make our pieces one at a time and in small quantities.

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