A dying art: Los Angeles's only custom hanbok studio

A dying art: Los Angeles's only custom hanbok studio


Making hanbok by hand is a craft that is slowly dying as hanbok is becoming less of a necessity in our daily lives. There are necessary sewing techniques, historical knowledge, and designing skills required of hanbok artisans to create high quality hanbok.  

LEEHWA WEDDING is the only hanbok store in Koreatown with an in-house designer who also makes the hanbok herself.

Being the fourth generation in the family business, the owner Laura Park has an eye for color and design. Laura also studied under a hanbok master in South Korea and furthered her studies in Western gowns and dresses at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, CA.

The custom hanbok process begins with clients who have an idea or concept and color themes. The clients can then choose from a wide variety and range of imported Korean fabrics (silk/polyester/combination/etc.). Laura will take the clients' measurements and will start the creation process.

"In-store rental hanbok clients are also able to receive this premium service of having their hanbok altered to their measurements."


The product listings on the website mention "Alterations provided to size according to our size chart," but that doesn't change the fact the hanbok is made in-house. Alterations are made to already made samples (brand new and lightly worn). Every rental hanbok are dry cleaned after each wear, so under no circumstances does LEEHWA WEDDING allow any customers to try on the hanbok until the pick up date.

So how are LEEHWA WEDDING's hanbok affordable if the materials are high quality? It's because of the years of experience! LEEHWA WEDDING is able to work efficiently in designing, altering, and making hanbok.

If you are planning to be in Los Angeles, make sure to call LEEHWA WEDDING to make an appointment for your next hanbok visit! 🙂

Call 213-252-0022 or email hello@leehwawedding.com

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