Bojagi at Leehwa

Bojagi at Leehwa

Bojagi (보자기)

What is bojagi?

Essentially a simple cloth woven from genuine fabric and other materials, bojagi is used for many reasons that vary from gift-wrapping all the way to room decor. 


Photo credit: HALI Newsletter

The historical origins of bojagi are not known, but many believe that it was invented near the end of the Goryeo (고려) period. Bojagi was used by people from all backgrounds, so one didn't have to be associated with royalty to own one! 

There are so many colors and types of fabric that bojagi is made with. Because its preparation time is relatively shorter compared to other items such as hanbokbojagi can be found acquired in no time!

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Another interesting thing about bojagi is how some believe it to be associated with good luck. Due to this traditional belief, bojagi was and continues to be most popularly used for wrapping wedding presents! 


In fact, you can get your own bojagi at Leehwa!

All bojagi products we offer can be found here. We also provide bojagi wrapping services!


Happy wrapping! 

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