Mauve Mask

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The mauve mask is extra special, due to its meaning of the symbols printed on the satin fabric. It is the “ship-jang-saeng,” which translates to “Ten Symbols of Longevity.” Some of the symbols include mountains, water, sun, deer, white cranes, turtles, and many more. If you look closely at the details of the mauve mask, you will be able to find each of the symbols that represent a long and healthy life while also maintaining one’s harmony with nature. We thought to produce masks from this fabric was so fitting, as we wish all our clients good health and longevity during this unprecedented time.

Please note: this mask is designed with NO inner filter pocket. For washing purposes, please hand wash in cold water and hang dry. 

Handmade face masks designed and sewn here at LEEHWA in Los Angeles, CA. This mask is made from top-grade cotton with 2 layers of fabric for extra protection and has been specially redesigned for the most comfortable fit. 

***This particular style is fully lined with cotton on the inside and a polyester-blend layer on the outside.*** Because this mask is hand-made to order and we are under a quarantine, please expect up to 7-14 days for the arrival of your order.)