The Korean Traditional Wedding - “Paebaek Ceremony”

The Paebaek Wedding is a Korean traditional ceremony where the groom’s family formally accepts the bride into their home.  The wedding ceremony was originally performed as a way for the bride to pay her respects to the groom’s family. It is often performed on the same day as the traditional Western wedding ceremony. Here at LEEHWA, we offer all-inclusive packages that allow the bride and groom to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with family and friends.

**Please call in ahead of time to book your Paebaek wedding, as it is based on a limited number of available reservations.


Our Total Package Includes:
(Delivery and setup is not included)

Food (음식 ) 
Decorative Background Panels (병풍)
Rolled up Bamboo Floor (돗자리)
2 Silk Cushions (방석 2개)
Teapot with 2 teacups (주전자 1 개 / 잔 2 개)
Big & Small wooden tables (큰상 1개 / 작은상 1 개)
Complete Paebaek outfits with accessories (폐백복 11pieces)
Total Package cost (with Real food): $700.00

Total Package cost (with Fake food): $300.00
Special Hanbok Rental Rate for Bride & Groom w/ booking of Paebaek:
$100 / person (Normal rental rate is $150/person) 
Please note, hanboks are customarily worn underneath the Paebaek robes!


Decorative Background Panels - 72in. x 19in. x 6 in.
Large Wooden Table - 31in. x 48in. x 4in.
Rolled Up Bamboo Floor - 73 in. long

Our beautiful Paebaek photos were shot by talented JESSE TENORIO