The "DOL" First Birthday Celebration

The "DOL" (or "doljanchi") is a widely celebrated Korean tradition that celebrates the 1st birthday of a baby. The birthday ceremony essentially blesses the child with a prosperous future and longevity. Historically in Korea, many children died before their 1st birthday and so it was a very important milestone for both the baby and family when the child reached 12 months of age. Long ago, the whole village would celebrate a baby's first birthday, while sharing lots of food and giving many blessings to the child.

Typically in every dol celebration, the baby is dressed in a Korean traditional hanbok and will perform a custom called the "doljabi," where the baby will pick an object from an assortment, which many believed would foretell the child's future. In every dol, there is also the grand table, where food is stacked high to symbolize a life of prosperity for the baby. Here at LEEHWA, not only do we offer a wide selection of dol hanboks for the baby, we also offer various rental and custom Dol 1st birthday packages, that include the following: creation of a dol table, the doljabi table, Korean silk/polyester backdrop and runners, and other planning needs based upon request. Each package is customizable upon clients' needs so pricing will vary. Please call or email with inquiries. 


Our Dol Package Includes:
(Delivery and setup is not included)

3 Fake Food Towers
Decorative Background Silk Fabric
Traditional Korean Runner
Small Wooden Table for Doljabi Items
Baby Dol Hanbok Rental



Silk Fabric Runners & Backdrops

Here at LEEHWA, we are known for our wide selection of various silk fabrics and colors in-house. Once you step into our store, you will find yourself immersed in a sea of rolls in different colors. Our client gets to pick and choose the colors, fabric, and design for their custom Dol table and celebration! 



Based upon package selection, our package offers the inclusion of a dolbok rental or dolbok purchase. We offer the largest selection in the U.S. for baby 1st birthday dol hanboks. From traditional to modernized dol hanboks, we also offer options in different fabrics from polyester blend to luxurious silk. 


Custom Color Recommendation

Because of our specialty of custom making Korean traditional silk hanboks, we have proudly honed our skill in color matching. We specialize in blending fabrics together to create different schemes that cater to each and everyone of our client's taste and style. With the booking of the dol package, you will receive a complimentary color matching consultation. 


Tyler's Traditional Dol

Our little client has an obsession for baseball and balloons. So we threw Tyler a birthday theme with just that, where a myriad of balloons covered both ends of the table. The table itself was arranged in a Korean traditional theme with silk fabrics as the backdrop and the table. We used Korean traditional food towers as well as the rice cake.