Dressing Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr

On Miranda Kerr's visit to Korea, we had the privilege of dressing this beautiful lady in our most popular fusion hanbok dress. We also custom-made for her a royal, traditional "dang-ui" to change up her fusion look, for a more royal style. Miss Kerr absolutely glowed in our Korean creations. 


Dressing Miss Asia USA 2016 and Miss Korea USA 2015, Ashley Park

We had the absolute honor and pleasure becoming friends with not only gorgeous, but extremely intelligent and talented, Ashley Park. Such a hard-working and inspiring female who is always striving to be a better version of herself, we had no doubt she would be crowned Miss Asia USA 2015-2016. We designed and created numerous gowns in her image, most notably her cultural costume for the pageant show. 


Miss Susan Kim wins "Best Cultural Costume" for the Miss Asia Pageant

Charismatic and gorgeous contestant, Susan Kim, wears a Korean traditional hanbok with hand-painted flowers on her skirt and a unique hand-draping. She surprised everyone, including the judges, with her Korean drumming talent, as she snatched the award for best costume. She truly did make us proud as she represented our country, Korea. Congratulations Susan!


Dressing Korean celebrity, 김청

We had the pleasure to dress the beautiful actress in specially designed hanboks for most of her drama appearances and press conferences.
She is most well known for starring in the hit SBS drama, "별별며느리."


Sponsored all wedding gowns and dresses for SBS hit drama series,
"사랑이 오네요" (Here Comes Love) 

This was a very popular 2016 South Korean television series starring Kim Ji-Young, Lee Min-Young, Go Se-Won and Lee Hoon, where cast members wore and worked on gowns sponsored by our Korea branch, LeeHwa Wedding Korea. 


Miss Asia USA 13th Annual Haute Couture Fashion Show
at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles

As one of the head designers in the haute couture LA Fashion show by Miss Asia USA, LEEHWA was able to showcase the traditional hanboks, all blended with a modern twist. To be able to display our beautiful Korean heritage to a full audience of non-Korean guests was truly a grateful and humbling experience. Here is a sampling of our extraordinary show that night at the elegant Millennium Biltmore hotel in downtown LA. 


An Educational Experience to the Professors of America

The Korea Academy for Educators (KAFE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to informing professors around the world about Korea's history and culture in order to promote a cross-cultural understanding. The USC Korean Studies Institute shares similar perspectives and does amazing work from the USC campus. We were given the valuable opportunity to work with USC KSI and KAFE, in order to help promote our shared motto of spreading the Korean cultural awareness through our Korean traditional hanboks. We had an amazing time hosting our fashion show displaying our fusion and traditional styles. In addition, we had a blast helping the professors try on different hanboks and take 'selfies' as they promoted our Korean culture. To conclude the event, we performed a mock Korean traditional wedding ceremony, "Paebaek," in front of the teachers so that they may partake in our important cultural event. 


Dressing U.S. Congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez represents California's 46th Congressional District, which includes the cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, and Garden Grove in Orange County. She is currently serving her 10th term in the U.S. House of Representatives and is the second highest ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. We had the absolute pleasure in dressing Congresswoman Sanchez in a royal traditional hanbok. 


Dressing 2nd Runner-Up Winner for Miss Asia USA, Miss Christy Cho

We are so proud of our young and beautiful Miss Asia contestant, Christy Cho, who we had the pleasure of dressing for the Cultural Costume segment. The designer, Laura Park, was inspired by the ancient and mythical bird, the Phoenix, as you can visually see the gold-gilded wings of her costume. Additionally, flowers were hand-painted by a famous artist in South Korea with additional delicately hand embroidered roses all over her bodice. 


Dressing Mayor Annisse D. Parker (Houston, Texas)

Mayor Parker is Houston's 61st mayor and one of only two women to hold the City's highest elected office. She is the only person in Houston history to hold the offices of council member, controller, and mayor. We were delighted to meet such an incredible lady and dress her in suitable attire, the royal queen's attire of many years ago. 


Dressing Unsuk Kim, winner of 2018 Mrs. Asia USA - title "Senior Global Ambassador"

It was absolutely not a surprise that Mrs. Unsuk Kim would win the title as the official 2018 Mrs. Asia USA, "Senior Global Ambassador." The intelligent, beautiful, and elegant lady worked so hard for this title, it made us absolutely proud to call her one of our #LEEHWA clients. Not only that, but at her amazing age of 78 years old, she was by far the eldest delegate in the 2017 pageant show. However, she never let her age hinder her from competing as hard as she could. We had the pleasure and honor of designing her cultural costume, as she represented Korea for a portion of the pageant show. 


Couture Hanbok at the World Economic Forum’s 48th Annual Meeting

We had the absolute honor in dressing miss Kwiri Yang on her attendance at the recent World Economic Forum’s 48th Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This inspiring young lady represented not only Los Angeles and the United States, but also Korea as she wore our custom-designed Korean Traditional hanbok dress for her attendance at the black tie gala portion of the event. Miss Yang, who is equally as beautiful, is also one of the most intelligent and passionate clients we have had the pleasure in meeting. In attendance at this monumental conference, she discussed and brought awareness on the importance of immigration and diversity. As a boutique selling Korean Traditional dresses here in Los Angeles, we also pridefully stand with her on the absolute importance of the acceptance of immigration today.


Ken Jeong in ABC series "Dr. Ken"

We had the pleasure of dressing talented and fellow Korean actor, Ken Jeong, in the ABC series of "Dr. Ken." The episode "Thanksgiving Culture Clash" hilariously has Dr. Ken wear his mom's wedding hanbok at the Thanksgiving dinner!


Fashion Shows since 1993

When LEEHWA first opened in the early 90's, we helped make mainstream the Korean traditional and modernized fusion hanbok dresses through grand fashion shows here in Los Angeles. Not only did we try to mainstream the Korean traditional dresses by creating them in more modern styles, we also hand-picked a more diversified cast of models. 


26th Annual Movieguide Awards, hosted at the Universal Hilton

Who said the Korean hanbok can’t be worn on the red carpet? Mrs. Choi Ok-Ju, the Chairman of the Korean Ombusman Community (an NGO), stunned the guests that night as she wore the royal style Korean Traditional dress at the recent 26th Annual Movieguide Awards, hosted at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles.


Hollywood Short Film

We had the privilege of working with talented producer and script writer, JeeYoung Lee, on her short film based on the last empress of Korea. We were able to dress the actresses and actors in our traditional Royal hanboks and had an absolutely amazing experience! All the Korean traditional hanboks worn for this film were 100% silk in all hand done embroidery, which took each robe approximately 2 whole years to make. Enjoy this short film to get a quick Korean Traditional history on the last royal Queen of Korea.