LEEHWA Streetwear: Dragon Emblem Hoodie

Dragon Emblem Hoodie

Now that the weather's getting cooler, hoodie season has officially begun! (Not sure about the person reading this blog post but I am very, very excited.) You can start layering up with Leehwa's popular Dragon Emblem Hoodie. Beloved by our younger audience, this Korean culture-inspired hoodie is a fantastic way to parade around in modern streetwear. 

Currently available in the colors Black and Heather Gray, the Dragon Emblem Hoodie was designed in-house at Leehwa and is made out of 100% genuine cotton. Such good style calls for even better quality! 

Our limited edition Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are happening in the next few weeks, so visit our website and make your purchase today!

As always, I say: You won't have any regrets

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