LEEHWA (이화고전방) is the largest running hanbok salon in the United States of America. What sets LEEHWA apart from other Korean traditional dress stores is their rich and long history. For over 5 generations, the hanbok trade has been embedded in the genealogy and passed down to each woman of the family line. Every woman who received the business and learned the trade worked with great pride and respect for both her culture and family. Not only was the business passed down to each woman, but also the deeply rooted motto of creating each and every hanbok with top notch focus on quality as well as an emphasis on timeless design. 


Current designer at LEEHWA, Laura Park, is the 4th generation woman in the family line and the first to bring the family trade to American soil. Ever since she was a young girl and started to learn the hanbok trade from her mother, she had the determined spirit to one day converge the Korean traditional designs with that of Western styles, to allow the hanbok dress be more accessible. In her early 20's, she left her home in Seoul, South Korea to bravely trek across the world and opened her small studio in Los Angeles, CA in 1993. Laura, who had the innate gift for designing and sewing, entrenched herself in perfecting her dress designs and also began to specialize in her unique and now famous modern hanbok designs. 

Laura succeeded her dreams in combining her heritage with innovation and developed the Korean fusion wedding dress, that has become highly sought out for all over the United States. For over 25 years in Los Angeles, she has helped hundreds of Korean American brides create the bridge between their heritage, by helping them create the hanbok fusion dress that complements her figure, facial features, and personality. Also by consistently promoting the compatability and blend of Eastern and Western designs, her new fusion designs have allowed a strong comeback in the bride's desire to wear a traditional hanbok in our modern society today. 


Laura works alongside her only daughter, Estella, who is now learning the trade to eventually take over and make it her own as the 5th generation. Estella, who was born and raised here in Los Angeles, has the ability to empathize and connect with like-minded Korean Americans seeking to keep in touch with their ethnic roots. Being bi-lingual, she is able to connect the americanized bride & groom with the more traditional Korean parents, by bridging them and helping them meet at the middle ground when it comes to creating the perfect hanbok dress.


We pride in custom-making and renting couture hanboks of only exceptional quality and elegance to be sold at our boutique. Each and every dress boasts timeless beauty as well as a unique and elegant sense of style and grace. We also constantly strive to highlight every individual's best points by choosing the most compatible design and color variation for each individual's taste and liking.

At LeeHwa, we promise you the highest satisfaction achieved only by our dedication, honesty, and integrity of our family run boutique.